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Work Online

My conversation with remarkable poet Metta Sama about Nature and the Natural World at HER KIND.

Three Poems at IthacaLit, including “Poem in Which I Address Richard Dawkins as Dick

“Spring, Resumed” at Antiphon

Two Poems and my mini-essay, “In Defense of Useful Poetry” at -esque magazine

“Pallinode” at Poets for Living Waters

Three Poems at Big Bridge

“The Uninvited Guest,” Autumn Sky Poetry

“Rondeau for My Wedding Night,” Numbat

“Bed and Breakfast,” Giggle Water Review

Three Poems at Quarterly Journal of Ideology: A Critique of Conventional Wisdom.

Me reading my ars poetica \”Nonsense Poem #1\”

My recommendation at The Lit Pub for Wendell Berry’s What Matters?:Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth.

My recommendation at The Lit Pub for Amy King’s Slaves to Do These Things.

My review of Barbara Rockman’s Sting and Nest at The Mom Egg.

4 thoughts on “Work Online

  1. wow wendy. i just listened to your nonsense poem #1. that is a gorgeous poem. it is so fun but with a nice edge to it, and you are such a lovely reader. i could listen to you read all day.

    • Aren’t you sweet! I really do enjoy reading, though it’s been ages (over two years) since I’ve done so in public.

      Amy King recently mentioned wanting poets to read other poets’ work, and having such readings available for download like music to one’s iPod, etc. I think it’s a great idea, and I can think of a number of poets, both contemporary and canonical, whose work I’d love to record.

  2. yes, i saw that and was intrigued. there are quite a few poems out there that i just do not “get” until i s-l-o-w down and read them aloud. i’ve found some good readings available on places like youtube, but that can be difficult to navigate. i think i will look into her idea more.

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