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Harvey Weinstein, Pope Francis, and Mucking out the Garbage


So now that we all must admit that Hollywood is a cesspool, we can officially ignore their unending virtue-signaling. Jimmy Kimmel, keep your crocodile tears, you creep.

Any sane person interested in their own integrity (and health of soul) probably shouldn’t consume their cultural products, either, which should go without saying. Do you really trust what these moral cretins are communicating? (My husband and I stopped feeding that beast our discretionary income some time ago…no movies, no cable.) And America wonders why we have a problem with people losing their minds? Look what gets funneled into their eye-holes: explosions, big guns, fire. Sex and blood, blood and sex.

I’m not talking about censorship. I’m talking about a perennial boycott. Just don’t watch that trash. So. Enough about Harvey Weinstein.

Can we turn to the Vatican and start that clean-up? Because if ever there were a big fat creep that so many people know is a big fat creep, hurting people (destroying souls!) while grinning, winning accolades and surrounded by sycophants, it’s “Pope” Francis. (Yes, those are scare quotes around the word “Pope.” There are enough questions about his validity as occupant of the Chair of Peter to justify them.) Weinstein’s probably smarter than Bergoglio, but that’s beside the point. Popes don’t have to be brilliant to be good popes. But they do have to be Catholic.

And that means that they have to profess what Catholics have always professed. That’s the deal. (“Is the Pope Catholic?” used to be a rhetorical question, not a valid one in need of a response.) Doctrine doesn’t evolve, doesn’t develop. It becomes ever clearer. We knew Mother Mary was a sinless virgin. We didn’t realize how perfect her freedom from sin was, or how it was accomplished, until the Immaculate Conception was clarified and promulgated. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s okay for the Church to say that Truth=A and then to say that Truth=A+B. It’s never okay for the Church to say Truth=A at one point in time and then say that Truth=NotA. To pretend that this is possible is to undermine the faithful’s faith in the Church and all her teachings, which is destructive of souls, performing the very opposite of the sacred duty of the Vicar of Christ.

The death penalty is a God-given right of the State, given to allow order in society. Members prove themselves harmful enough, and they must be taken out. And Christ Himself acknowledges this in the gospels, when He tells Pilate that he has the power that he has over Him, to condemn or not, from God. Just like Christ Himself says that people who get married again after a divorce are committing adultery, which Bergoglio seeks to gloss over with his nefarious footnote in AI. These are the two most egregious examples, where he’s contradicting Our Lord Himself, but he also has said ridiculously un-Catholic, or even anti-Catholic, things so many times that it would be exhausting to document them all. Google it.

His unkindness to the brave and charitable authors of the dubia (two now having died waiting for his response) is hard to reconcile with his desire to be seen as an Apostle of Mercy. I do my best, as a faithful Catholic and a Christian, to love him with the filial love that is his due as both the head of the Church (if indeed he actually IS pope), and as my neighbor in the sense that every human on this planet is my neighbor. And my brother in Christ.

But I confess I begin to doubt if he IS my brother in Christ. I don’t know if he’s an atheist (I know he’s a freemason…the document is out there for anyone to see…as is the evidence that he was once as a young priest put away for a few years…no doubt what the Galen mafia is holding over his head) or if he believes in Christ but hates him. But I’ve never seen him kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. And I know that if he loved Christ, he would feed His lambs. He would answer the dubia, clarify where he (or his henchmen…it’s unclear whether he had actually read AI closely before it was published) have sown confusion. And he would actually do something about the rampant sexual abuse still festering in the Church, instead of serving as the head creep. I’m not saying he’s ever molested anyone (though I confess I’ve suspected it), but he does continue to give them cover. And he’s the head honcho. They used to be given over to the civil authorities without delay, to be executed. Those were the days.

The lay representative for victims on the committee for dealing with that crisis quit because it was evident to her that they were not actually trying to fix anything. “Pope” Francis, by continually propagating heresies, allowing drug-fueled gay orgies in the Vatican, sheltering a cleric wanted for child porn, and doing nothing to reassure parishioners that their treasure–financial and human–is safe with this institution, has made the Roman Catholic Church resemble the whore of Babylon rather than the Bride of Christ.

Last Sunday’s gospel reading, about the vineyard owner who tears down the hedge of the unfruitful vineyard, used to be interpreted as being about God taking his covenant away from the Pharisees and their followers, who were so corrupted, and growing the new vine of the Church. But Scripture is holographic. It’s also about how He will take His grace away from the Church, if we continue to bear rotten fruit.

All good men with any iota of power in the Church hierarchy MUST stand up to this miserable excuse for a pontiff. Yes, it might make things uncomfortable. He has plenty of support from people who want the Church to conform to the times rather than stay true to her timeless teachings, and he’s surrounded by attack poodles like Spadero. Pick up your cross and follow your Lord. Remember that it’s your soul, and the souls in your care, that matter. And trust that if you stand up for God, He will shower you with all the graces you need for the challenge. We’re praying for you. For the love of God and all that is holy, stand up.


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Trump Derangement Syndrome, Irresponsible Media, and a Digression into the Divine

Anyone working in mental health probably knows that Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t just a snide quip used by conservative keyboard warriors to put down hysterical liberals for whom our president is Literally Hitler. It’s a thing. A diagnosis, though it’s not in the DSM-V, and God willing will have passed as a phenomena of mental pathology by the time the DSM-VI comes out years from now. But it’s something that is happening: people are watching the news and becoming sickened by the fear-mongering. They’re having terrifying hallucinations engendered by the scenarios painted by these irresponsible pundits. The latest is NBC falsely reporting that President Trump had requested a ten-fold increase in our nuclear arsenal. It’s bullocks. How many people saw these reports and won’t see the corrections? How much anxiety can people take? And when are our media outlets going to stop seeing politics as a game that they are out to win? People’s lives are being deeply negatively affected by this Fake News, and it’s got to stop.

I stopped watching TV news half-way through the evacuation of New Orleans after Katrina. I was watching all day, trying hard to spot someone I cared about deeply (Hi Chad! Glad you made it.) in the crowd at the Superdome, and noticing the female newscaster’s patriotic getup and emotive coverage, I was struck by how my already taut heartstrings were being intentionally plucked. And I turned it off. Thank God, though I didn’t even believe He was real at the time.

God’s like that. He loves us even when we don’t acknowledge that He exists, and supports us and cares for us and gives us our very being, helping us to make choices that are good for us. Meanwhile we act like snots, angry that evil exists rather than thankful to be alive and free, and surrounded by beauty. There is always love enough to counter the evil. Sometimes evil things, like earthquakes or hurricanes or disease, even help us remember how much we love each other. I’m hoping and praying our country will remember that we’re all Americans, left, right, and center. Stop being so angry, and so afraid. But then the news guys wouldn’t be making such a killing, would they?


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Queen of the Rosary

queen of the rosary

October is devoted to the Holy Rosary (a sacramental and devotion that has been called the spiritual weapon of our times by saints and popes). Last year at this time our priest asked me to write something for the bulletin (the front page of our bulletin usually has a letter or short essay from our deacon, priest, or some other leader of ministry…none of which describes me, but okay) about the rosary, knowing that I pray it daily, and that I write. Gentle reader, you can be sure that I was quite happy to comply, since promoting this devotion pleases Our Lady, the Queen of the Rosary. This year, I’d like to share that little essay here:

Surely you’ve seen them, hanging at Mother Mary’s waist, or from her hand, stretched out in a giving gesture: those beads, so precious to some Catholics: the rosary. It’s been described by many a Catholic Knight as the weapon of our time, and indeed it is. But if you’re not the type to see yourself wielding a sword, let me suggest that this great gift from the Holy Mother can be seen also as a spade, a tool with which to work. There’s no sacramental with which one can more efficiently contribute to the economy of grace. After she’s used it to muck out her own depths, a soul’s supererogatory grace will overflow to the benefit of others. And if we say the Fatima prayer after each decade, then with each chaplet we perform five acts of a much neglected spiritual work of mercy, that of praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Who knows how many of our relatives languish in those flames, longing for God’s face, because praying the rosary fell out of fashion? Let us get to work.

Some people (especially if they’ve been harassed out of the practice by their Protestant companions or coworkers) hesitate to say the rosary because scripture admonishes us to avoid “vain repetitions” in prayer. But that referred to a practice of the pagans, chanting a short phrase or “divine” name to the point of distraction. And there is nothing vain about the Our Father, given to us by Christ Himself, or the Hail Mary, combining words spoken by Gabriel to the Holy Mother at the Annunciation and those addressed to her by Elizabeth, inspired by the Holy Ghost, at the Visitation, when the Blessed Virgin carried our unborn Lord to visit her so that He could sanctify John the Baptist in the womb. No wonder he lept for joy!

If you already pray the rosary, Glory be to God! And his Holy Mother. Consider making your intention during the Prayer for Life campaign the end of abortion, or that any woman faced with that “choice” choose life, and that the abortionists’ hearts be softened and their eyes opened to the reality of what it is that they do. If you have not been saying the rosary, now’s a great time to start, and that’s a great reason. There are guides online, or you can pick up a brochure with instructions at the parish office. Because meditating on the mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous, or Glorious, depending on the day of the week) is an important aspect of how to pray it, your knowledge of the lives of Jesus and Mary will deepen, and their stories, in a mysterious fashion, will perform their wondrous work: the transformation of ourselves and the world. There’s much more I’d like to say. Each mystery deserves its own essay. Let this suffice, and may the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of God’s grace, shower you with mercy, through the rosary or whatever avenue you open to her.

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The Way of Divine Love

sacred heart stained glass

I’ve got a deadline approaching for a book review in the parish newsletter (that’s a quarterly gig I’m happy to have), and I’ve been waffling about which book to recommend. I had in mind one book, but for reasons I’m not willing to go into, I thought better of it. I didn’t have time to finish Cardinal Sarah’s book after I thought of it (definitely not one to rush through). The Proustian narrative of our Holy Mother’s life, the Ven. Mary of Agreda’s Mystical City of God, which I’m always reading, while something I long to share with people, exceeds most modern readers’ capacity for complex sentence structure (not to mention its rigorous theology). I thought of St. Louis de Montfort’s Secret of the Rosary, and reread half of it, before admitting that it’s style is simply too arch for today’s literary palette (I value it for its content, not its literary qualities), as much as I do long to promote that most important devotion.

But there’s another devotion, one even more important than the Holy Rosary, and that’s devotion to Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and His Most Sacred Heart. After all, we meditate on the Mysteries in order to come to a deeper understanding of Christ’s love, as signified by His Heart, and of the Eucharist as a means for seeking refuge there. And seeing as June is the month devoted to that Heart inflamed with love for us, that fire of charity that burned so strongly that it enabled Him to suffer so for us, and even to imprison Himself in our tabernacles under the veil of bread. Oh magnificent and magnanimous condescension! It was just such condescension that caused Him to incarnate, to take on flesh from the Blessed Virgin and become human. How much more magnanimous to deign to come when our priests summon Him to the altar, enacting the sacrifice again and offering Himself to us to consume and adore, so that we can become more and more like Him, taking in His flesh so that He can become our flesh. Inflaming our own hearts with the charity of His.

And so I thought of a book I read several months back, and which so deepened my reverence for Our Sacramental Lord that I had to start taking communion not just on my tongue, but on my knees (which would be so much nicer with an altar rail, which our church actually still has, though the Eucharist is distributed several feet in front of it). And which also impacted me in another way: it added five prayers to my daily devotions. I’m going to share them here, but first let me tell you a little about to the book.

It’s a narrative, arranged and edited by her Mother Superior, and taken from her diaries kept under obedience, of the visions and experiences of a shy Spanish nun in France, at a convent of the Society of The Sacred Heart, at the beginning of the last century, Sr. Josefa Mendendez. Her extraordinary encounters with the Holy Mother, Our Lord Jesus, saints and demons, and her intense sufferings (wearing His crown of thorns, carrying His cross, spending time in Hell), make a gripping and moving tale. And one gets a picture not only of the reality of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist, but also of how hard both Christ and His Holy Mother continue to work for the sanctification and salvation of souls. How sin matters, as do penance and sacrifice. How precious and loved by God is each and every eternal human soul.

So these prayers are scattered throughout the book. The one to the Holy Mother was given to Sr. Josefa by Christ. It’s a joy to praise her in the words of her Divine Son. Some of the other prayers are given by Mother Mary, some by Christ. The first two exist as prayers outside of the book but were included in it. I hope you find them of value. I know I do.


Act of Conformity with the Divine Will


My Lord and my God, behold me here

in company with Thy Divine Son,

who in spite of my unworthiness

is also my Bridegroom.


I submit my will to Thine

and I deliver myself over to do and to suffer

whatsoever Thou wilt ask of me,

with the one intent of giving glory to Thy infinite Majesty

and cooperating in the salvation and sanctification of souls.


Receive then for this intention

the merits of the Heart of Jesus Christ Thy Son

who is my Saviour, my Father and my Beloved.



Prayer of St. Madeleine Sophie to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


O Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I hasten, I come to Thee,

throwing myself into the arms of Thy tender mercy!


Thou art my sure refuge,

my unfailing and only hope.

Thou hast a remedy for all my evils,

relief for all my miseries,

reparation for all my faults.

Thou canst supply for what is wanting to me

in order to obtain fully the graces that I ask

for myself and others. Thou art for me

the infallible, inexhaustible Source of light,

of strength, of perseverance, peace

and consolation. I am certain, too,

that Thou wilt never cease to aid, to protect,

to love me, because Thy love for me,

O Divine Heart, is infinite.

Have mercy on me then, O Heart of Jesus,

and on all that I recommend to Thee,

according to Thine own mercy;

and do with me, in me and for me, whatsoever Thou wilt,

for I abandon myself to Thee

with the full, entire confidence and conviction

that Thou wilt never abandon me either in time or eternity.




Prayer to Our Holy Mother from The Way of Divine Love


O tender and loving Mother,

most prudent Virgin,

Mother of my Redeemer,

I come to salute you today

with all the love that a child can feel for its mother.


Yes, I am indeed your child,

and because I am so helpless

I will take the fervor of the Heart of your Divine Son;

with Him I will salute you as the purest of creatures,

for you were framed according to the wishes and desires

of the thrice-holy God.


Conceived without sin, exempt from all corruption,

you were ever faithful to the impulses of grace,

and so your soul accumulated such merit

that it was raised above all other creatures.

Chosen to be the Mother of Jesus Christ,

you kept Him as in a most pure sanctuary,

and He who came to give life to souls,

Himself took life from you,

and received nourishment from you.


O incomparable Virgin! Immaculate Virgin!

Delight of the Blessed Trinity,

admiration of all angels and saints,

you are the joy of Heaven.

Morning Star, Rose blossoming in springtime,

Immaculate Lily, tall and graceful Iris,

Sweet-smelling Violet.


Garden enclosed kept for the delight of the King of Heaven . . .


you are my Mother, Virgin most prudent,

Ark most precious containing every virtue!

you are my Mother, most powerful Virgin,

Virgin clement and faithful!

you are my Mother, O Refuge of sinners!


I salute you and rejoice at the sight of the gifts

bestowed on you by the Almighty,

and of the prerogatives with which He has crowned you!


Be blessed and praised, Mother of my Redeemer,

Mother of poor sinners! Have pity on us

and cover us with your motherly protection.

I salute you in the name of all men, of all saints and all angels.


Would that I could love you with the love and fire of the Seraphim,

and this is too little to satisfy my desires . . .

and to render you filial homage constant and pure for all eternity.


O incomparable Virgin, bless me, since I am your child.

Bless all men! Protect them and pray for them

to Him who is almighty and can refuse you nothing.


Adieu, tender and sweet Mother;

day and night I salute you,

in time and for eternity.




Prayers to Jesus Christ from The Way of Divine Love




O Thou who knewest all my misery

before Thine eyes were fixed on me—

Thou didst not turn away from my wretchedness . . .

but because of it Thou didst love me

with a love more sweet and tender.


I beg pardon for having corresponded so little to Thy love. . .

I beg of Thee to forgive me, and to purify my actions in Thy Divine Blood.

I am deeply grieved at having offended Thee,

because Thou art infinitely Holy.

I repent with heartfelt sorrow

and I promise to do all in my power

to avoid these faults in the future.






O sweet and dearly loved Jesus,

wert Thou not my Saviour,

I should not dare to come to Thee,

but Thou art both my Saviour and my Bridegroom,

and Thy Heart loves me with the most tender and burning love,

as no other Heart can love.

Would that I could correspond with this love of Thine for me.

Would that I had for Thee, who art my only love,

all the ardor of the Seraphim,

the purity of the angels and virgins,

the holiness of the Blessed

who possess Thee and glorify Thee in Heaven.


Were I able to offer Thee all this,

it would still be too little to honor Thy goodness and mercy.

That is why I offer Thee my poor heart such as it is,

with all its miseries, its weakness and good desires.

Deign to purify it in the blood of Thy Heart,

to transform and inflame it Thyself

with an ardent and pure love.

Thus the poor creature that I am,

who can do no good but is capable of every evil,

will love and glorify Thee as do the Seraphim

who in Heaven are consumed with adoring love.


Lastly, I ask of Thee, O gentle Jesus,

to give my heart the very sanctity of Thy Heart,

or rather to plunge it in Thy Divine Heart,

that in It I may love and serve and glorify Thee,

and lose myself in Thee for all eternity.


I beg this same grace for all those whom I love.

May they render Thee for me

the glory and honor of which my sins have deprived Thee.






O my Beloved, who art also my God,

make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee.




Prayers to the Almighty Father from The Way of Divine Love




Eternal Father, who out of love for mankind

gavest Thy Beloved Son up to death,

by His Blood, by His merits and by His Heart,

have pity on the whole world, and forgive

all the sins that are there committed.


Receive the humble reparation

offered Thee by Thy chosen souls.

Unite it to the merits of Thy Divine Son,

so that all they do may be very effective.

O Eternal Father, have pity on souls,

and remember that the time has not yet come

for strict justice, but for mercy.


O Heavenly Father!

look upon the wounds of Thy Son and deign to accept them,

that souls may accept Thy grace.


May the nails which pierced His hands and feet

pierce those hardened hearts,

and His blood touch them and lead them to repentance.


May the weight of the Cross

on the shoulders of Jesus Thy Divine Son

obtain for them the grace

to unload themselves of their sins in the confessional.


I offer Thee, O Heavenly Father, the Crown of Thorns of Thy beloved Son.

By the agony it caused Him, grant true contrition to souls for all their sins.

O Father! O God of mercies,

I offer Thee the abandonment of Thy Son on the Cross,

His thirst and all His pain,

that sinners may recover peace and consolation in sorrow for their sins.

Lastly, O God of all compassion,

in the name of the persevering prayer of Jesus Christ Thy Son

for the very men who were crucifying Him,

I beg and implore Thee to grant to souls

love of God and perseverance in well-doing.

And just as the torments of Thy beloved Son

ended gloriously in eternal bliss,

so may the sufferings of penitent souls

be crowned by the everlasting reward of your glory.





O most loving Father! God, infinitely good, look upon Thy Son Jesus Christ,

who placing Himself between Thy divine justice and sinners implores Thy pardon.

O God of Mercy, pity human frailty.


Send Thy light upon wandering souls that they may not be seduced and entrapped. . .

Strengthen souls that they may avoid the snares laid for them by the enemy of their salvation,

and with fresh fervor return once more to the paths of virtue.


O Eternal Father, look on the sufferings which Jesus Christ

Thy divine Son endured in His Passion.

Behold Him as a victim offered up to obtain for souls

light and vigor, pardon and mercy.






O all-holy God, in whose presence

the angels and saints are not worthy to stand,

forgive all the sins committed by thought and desire.


Receive in expiation of these sins the thorn-crowned Head of Thy Son.

Accept the blood that flows so copiously from His wounds.

Purify minds that are sullied . . . enlighten and illumine

the darkness of their understanding, and may this blood

be their strength, their light, and their life.


Receive, O Holy Father, the sufferings and the merits of all who,

united to the sufferings and merits of Jesus Christ,

offer themselves to Thee, with Him and by Him,

that Thou mayest extend Thy pardon to all mankind.


O God of mercy and love,

be the strength of the feeble,

the light of the blind,

and may all men love Thee.



That last short prayer to Christ can be said as an ejaculatory prayer, meaning no need to kneel or make the sign of the cross, but standing there washing the dishes, driving the car, or walking the dog, you can ask Our Lord to inflame your heart with love for Him. And the more our hearts are inflamed with love for Him, the more we are able to love our neighbors for His sake. And doesn’t the world need more of that? I also think that the final prayer to the Almighty Father is an excellent one to pray for all those sad and unfortunate people addicted to porn.

I hope to someday see Sr. Josefa canonized. I can attest that reading the book taken from her diaries has been a huge source of grace in my own life. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Now I’ve got to figure out how to say that in 250 words.

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More Thoughts on Standing Rock: The Battle Belongs to the Lord



So I’m in an ecstasy of prayer, and I’m meditating on the Nativity, and I think of how God willed to be born in a simple shepherd’s cave, and to have His birth first announced to shepherds, as an embrace of poverty, and how much the gospel urges us to care for the poor, and God is Friend of the Poor, and woe to those rich men who don’t take care of the poor. Etc. Just a drop of water from Lazarus’s finger, for I am tormented in this flame.

All that. And I think of the folks at Standing Rock, who’ve had everything but this bit of land taken from them, and now the Corporatocracy’s trying to screw them out of that, too. With violence. On the taxpayers dime.

And I think how prayerful these people are (I’m praying for y’all, hard!). I was just telling my priest the other day, how some may not know Christ as God’s Son, but do they know God as Creator. And they’re asking for prayers. He was passing this on to Bishop Matano, so it’s my hope that something will be included soon in the prayers of the people. Meaning that the whole Diocese of Rochester might be praying for these people who are clearly the David to the Goliath. (Hey, remember, Dakota Access: Goliath loses, because God is on David’s side.) Not only has our Holy Father made it clear that it is our duty to care for the environment in his encyclical Laudato Si, but he’s also made clear that the indigenous are some of those people “on the margins” he exhorts us to care for. And Praying for the Living (and the Dead) is a Work of Mercy. So.

May the Father of Us All hear all our prayers, and protect the protectors, bring peace and humanity back to the hearts of the mercenaries, and safeguard the water for the sake of all life. For His Glory and the salvation of souls! Amen. So I hope, so may it be.





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The Sanctity of Water


During my foray through Orthodox Christianity, before reconciling with the Catholic Church, one of my favorite discoveries was the blessing of the waters celebrated in January, on the day of epiphany. The coolest aspect was this: because Christ was already perfect, sinless, as God-made-man, when he submitted to baptism the grace that would have flowed into his soul in the sacrament, washing away sin, instead flowed out from his divinity into the water, into all water. Now, having witnessed many Catholic baptisms, I realize that this doctrine is also held true in the Catholic faith: because of this outflowing of grace at Christ’s baptism, all water is sacred. This is a tenet of the Church which corresponds beautifully to what is held true by most indigenous peoples, including the two nations from which I descend and to which I retain a certain loyalty.

That loyalty, to my indigenous heritage and to the land held sacred by my native ancestors, impels me to side with the water protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota, opposing the desecration of their sacred burial grounds and the callous risk-taking with their water supply (and the supply of millions of Americans, native and settler, that live downstream!) that Dakota Access (and all the companies banking on their success) wants to commit for profit (don’t let them tell you it’s for energy independence…because much of that oil will be sold to other countries…true energy independence is found in renewables like solar, wind, and geothermal). Here’s a link to info regarding the legal status of the case. The company does not actually quite have legal permission yet to do what they want, but they’re trying to go ahead with laying the pipeline anyway, and even bulldozed through sacred burial grounds on the day a request for an injunction was filed because of those burial grounds, on the holiday weekend, in hopes that if they simply did it before they were told not to, there’d be nothing to stop them. And used a private security firm with attack dogs against non-violent families (including a sweet little two-year-old girl whose face was mauled–for shame!) when confronted. This is the sort of cultural genocide that has no place in 2016. (It was shameful in past centuries, but at this point it’s simply unconscionable and anyone who supports it ought to have their humanity membership card revoked.) The UN has recognized that human rights abuses are taking place at Standing Rock. And now the Governor of North Dakota, who stands himself to profit from this pipeline, is calling in the National Guard against these peaceful people. And yet the Obama administration is silent. Which makes them complicit. You can try, as I did, to call the White House at the number below, but you may find the line closed, as I did. Frustrating, to say the least.

So what can a Catholic of goodwill, who recognizes all of God’s children and His Creation as worthy of protection, do? Well, we can call our local representatives and ask them to speak for us, we can donate to any number of funds.

And we can pray. We can pray to the Holy Mother, who so loved God’s creation for His sake that before her death she willed her body to become part of the earth as a blessing for it, though He had other plans (for more on this, read The Mystical City of God). And who loves every one of the people, made in His image. We can pray to St. Kateri, Lily of the Mohawks and patroness of ecology. We can pray to the newly canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta, who ministered to the poor and downtrodden (our indigenous citizens on reservations are the poorest of the poor and the most downtrodden in this country, much to our shame). And we can pray to St. John the Baptist, who baptized Christ with that sacred water and who knows a thing or two about speaking truth to power (though it cost him his head).

What we can not do is pretend that this isn’t happening, that how we treat the earth and all its citizens doesn’t matter. Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, calls us to treat Creation with the care it merits as the handiwork of God, and as a work of mercy, since a polluted earth impacts most profoundly the poor, who are our sacred responsibility. Please join me in all of the above.