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Trump Derangement Syndrome, Irresponsible Media, and a Digression into the Divine

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Anyone working in mental health probably knows that Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t just a snide quip used by conservative keyboard warriors to put down hysterical liberals for whom our president is Literally Hitler. It’s a thing. A diagnosis, though it’s not in the DSM-V, and God willing will have passed as a phenomena of mental pathology by the time the DSM-VI comes out years from now. But it’s something that is happening: people are watching the news and becoming sickened by the fear-mongering. They’re having terrifying hallucinations engendered by the scenarios painted by these irresponsible pundits. The latest is NBC falsely reporting that President Trump had requested a ten-fold increase in our nuclear arsenal. It’s bullocks. How many people saw these reports and won’t see the corrections? How much anxiety can people take? And when are our media outlets going to stop seeing politics as a game that they are out to win? People’s lives are being deeply negatively affected by this Fake News, and it’s got to stop.

I stopped watching TV news half-way through the evacuation of New Orleans after Katrina. I was watching all day, trying hard to spot someone I cared about deeply (Hi Chad! Glad you made it.) in the crowd at the Superdome, and noticing the female newscaster’s patriotic getup and emotive coverage, I was struck by how my already taut heartstrings were being intentionally plucked. And I turned it off. Thank God, though I didn’t even believe He was real at the time.

God’s like that. He loves us even when we don’t acknowledge that He exists, and supports us and cares for us and gives us our very being, helping us to make choices that are good for us. Meanwhile we act like snots, angry that evil exists rather than thankful to be alive and free, and surrounded by beauty. There is always love enough to counter the evil. Sometimes evil things, like earthquakes or hurricanes or disease, even help us remember how much we love each other. I’m hoping and praying our country will remember that we’re all Americans, left, right, and center. Stop being so angry, and so afraid. But then the news guys wouldn’t be making such a killing, would they?


Author: Wendy Babiak

Poet, permaculturalist, lay Carmelite. Pretty sure the world needs more love and less politics.

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