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A Gift To The World: A Moon-The-NSA Emoticon

This is the problem I have with the NSA invasion of privacy.

Soon I’ll be making a more involved post, giving the world a new poetic form I’ve been experimenting with for the past several years, a hybrid of the crown of sonnets and the sestina which I’ve dubbed Poetic Resonance Imaging. But for now, a minor gift: an emoticon for mooning the NSA. Here you go:


In case it’s not clear, that’s a lowercase “l” and a 3. And you can tell them I said so. Voyeuristic death-eating earth-haters.

PS — Feel free to elaborate on the basic frame here, and post it in the comments.

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Talking About Trees and What They Mean

So fellow poet Metta Sama and I engaged in a week-long conversation for Her Kind about the natural world and what it means, how issues of race and gender play into it, what the persistence of rape culture and how the Mother Earth trope plays out within it are destroying the life systems of the planet. Get a cup of tea when you have a moment and eavesdrop on two earnest souls. And then engage us there in the comments section, if you feel moved to do so.