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I’m reviving this blog, and the first thing I’d like to do (after giving it a bit of a facelift…the theme I was using seemed to no longer be supported, and things in widgets were overlapping, etc.) is announce that I will no longer be judging the poetry contest at Goodreads. Instead I’ll be serving the literary community as the third editor at Poets for Living Waters. This makes me very happy, because I can not only serve the literary community, but the larger community of the biosphere, which is my ultimate mission.

Another thing that made me very happy: performing several of my poems, and my favorite poem, “Flight of Swans,” by Robinson Jeffers, recently as part of Spring Writes. I participated in a reading of contributors to IthacaLit, where I had three poems published this past winter in their spirituality issue. Around the same time, another poem came out in Antiphon, an excellent journal out of the UK. Ooh, does that make me an international poet?

Author: Wendy Babiak

Poet, permaculturalist, lay Carmelite. Pretty sure the world needs more love and less politics.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thanks for reminding me of “Flight of Swans,” Wendy–it is wonderful to reread, and to feel Jeffers a little more reconciled to where he stands. I think he would recognize “Hurrying Uphill” and “Heirophany” as kindred poems. You’ve described some moments I wouldn’t have thought could be articulated: beautiful. I particularly liked that line “even the grass
    is in on it”–the plain-spoken tone reverberating against the epiphany of the moment is somehow perfect.

    • Thanks, Roz. Jeffers is surely a kindred spirit. I didn’t know his work or even his name until once, years and years ago, someone at the Academy website, where I was sharing poems, said I sounded like him. So I went looking, and was happy to find him.

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