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Open Letter to Lt. John Pike

I was going to send the following to Lt. Pike privately, but I’m informed that his email box has been shut down, flooded with messages, no doubt, from other outraged citizens, after this photograph, along with his personal information, circulated on the internet. Since I can’t send it, I’ll post it below the photo.

Does this guy look like he's being threatened? Click on the photo to sign the petition to have the Chancellor resign.

Re: Your recent violence

Lt. Pike:
I’m writing to express my disgust at your recent violence toward peaceful protesters. I’m sure you’re aware that it’s now public knowledge, thanks to a photograph circulating on the internet of you walking along a row of seated, peaceful  young people, pepper spraying them directly in the face at close range. This violates your guidelines, not to mention human decency.
My father spent his life in law enforcement, ultimately running the police academy in Daytona Beach. He stressed to his cadets the importance of following procedures to ensure that justice was done. What you did was not just, and undermines the valid efforts of law enforcement everywhere. You should turn in your gun and badge and submit to psychiatric care, because you are clearly a sadist who is not deserving of the public trust.
I’m sure your superior officers will be hearing from plenty of citizens, as well, but you might save them the trouble of firing you and go ahead and resign. You are not suited to wear the uniform.
Wendy Babiak
ADDENDUM: In addition to signing the petition to ask that the Chancellor resign (which  you can access by clicking on the photo above), you might want to go here and sign the petition asking President Obama to call off the dogs.