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Catching Up on Goings Down

I recently made my NYC debut, invited by Patricia Eakins, author of the brilliantly empathic novel The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste (that’s the abridged title…the full one — described elsewhere as a “broadside” — should be viewed on the title page to be fully appreciated), invited me to read as part of her Sunday Best reading series in Upper Manhattan, at an event the theme of which was “Valentines to the Earth.” I also participated as a speaker on a panel beforehand on community and gardening (I discussed Permaculture, for which I felt horribly unqualified, but since I was really just introducing the concept and addressing how community and Permaculture can engender each other, I did well enough, it seems). The intersection of food security and climate change is my passion, or one of them. I aim to help prevent what I fear could be a big dollop of human suffering headed our way if we don’t get serious about this stuff like ten minutes ago. There’s not a lot I can do, except risk looking like an idiot, attempting to raise awareness and inspire action. (I think if I had a problem with risking looking like an idiot, I wouldn’t be much of a poet.)

Speaking of risking looking like an idiot, I recently penned a bit of prose for the uber-cool journal -esque: “In Defense of Useful Poetry,” which is online there along with two of my poems, “Time Contemplating Suicide” and “Wartime Generations.” (“Time Contemplating Suicide” is not what it sounds like, just saying. Go read it if you don’t believe me.)