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Introducing my friend Esther, and her Artwork


Esther Fuldauer's painting Mainvain

Since I’ve chosen to use this as my gravatar (after seeing another of Esther’s circuitry images as her own, and having her permission to use the painting at my website and, most importantly, on my book cover), I thought I’d introduce her work to anyone reading here. An intrepid computer programmer/designer by day, she continues to practice the visual arts as she has since I knew her as a talented student in St. Petersburg, Florida, at Eckerd College, back in the eighties. (God, Esther, how did so much time pass already?) This painting is part of a series of works she did exploring the similarities (and differences) between biological lifeforms (like this leaf) and computer circuitry (the beginnings of artificial life?). Which, for me at least, brings up all sorts of ideas about the nature of consciousness (and the consciousness of nature). Check out her gallery at her blog, which you can find in my left sidebar.

Rights to the work, of course, remain with the artist.

Author: Wendy Babiak

Poet, permaculturalist, lay Carmelite. Pretty sure the world needs more love and less politics.

4 thoughts on “Introducing my friend Esther, and her Artwork

  1. Wow, thanks Wendy! It’s great to find the painting in these large proportions on your website as it will be to see it on the cover of your new poetry book. I see it again and it makes me want to paint. The nature of consciousness, I like that concept 🙂

  2. You’re welcome! I may shrink it again (I’ve scaled it down once already!). I’d like to see the whole image at once, and right now, on my screen, I can’t. I still hope to buy the original, btw. If you get an offer, please give me the right to buy it first!

  3. Terrific image & color – I followed it over from Good Reads.

    • Thanks, Sarah. I’m sure Esther will be glad to hear it…as am I. I think it ought to be arresting enough to get folks to want to look inside the book, don’t you?

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