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Keeping My Word


Keeping My Word

I said I’d wear the obnoxious floral bike shorts if managed to raise $1,000 for the Southern Tier AIDS Program. Well, my generous friends and family gave over $1,200 to sponsor me in today’s ride, so here’s the proof. The shorts did not go without comment, you can trust.

Thanks to everyone who gave, as well as to those who let me know they couldn’t afford to give right now (times are hard!) but wished me well. We had a great day, and raised a whole bunch of money (over $200K!) which will go directly to helping people in our area.

Author: Wendy Babiak

I'm a poet and writer, wife and mother. My first book of poems, Conspiracy of Leaves, came out in 2010 with Plain View Press. I'm an editor at Poets for Living Waters, a proponent of Permaculture, climate-change activist, defender of the weak, and keeper of chickens. I'm available for readings, but I don't read my poems: I declaim them. It's much more fun.

2 thoughts on “Keeping My Word

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  2. I love your poetry . My son Derry and I have been reading it to each other at night before he goes to sleep. He says that it ” puts such pretty word pictures in my head to think about when I’m trying to go to sleep. Sometimes they even make dreams…I wish I could dream her every night.”

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